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Effective Marketing

does not have to be expensive
to meet your business needs

Lush Marketing offers innovative cost-effective consultancy services with great flexibility, ultimately saving your time and money. Starting from your primary concerns, we review and analyse your past marketing efforts before helping you develop a strategic marketing plan.

We can also work with you on a project by project basis – because our marketing services are scalable; as your business grows we can tailor specific support to your requirements. We work with almost any budget and have created ‘LIGHT BULB business club meetings’ where you can get some useful tips from like minded individuals.


Less than 25% of business projects succeed. Failure is usually related to poor planning and ineffective execution

“I rely on word of mouth…
I do believe in advertising”

“We have a website and facebook page but they do not generate
many referrals”

“My staff organise my advertising…
I do not get involved”

“Consultants are expensive and do not always give you what you want”

“Why do I need to spend so much money on these unnecessary things?”

“I can do it myself and save
the money”

“My business growth has
reached a plateau and I can’t see
it get any better”

“I tried someone before and
they wasted my time”

“My competition is very stiff… I don’t think I can afford what they can”

“We work for a corporate body and they are reticent to pay for
any marketing”

“I am too small to consider what
you are proposing”

“My firm is successful… so I must be doing it right”

Without boundaries

Why Lush Consultancy?

  • Because of our proven tested expertise and experience

  • We identify hidden problems and find solutions

  • We support you and you staff

  • We act as catalysts for change

  • We provide much-needed objectivity “fresh eyes”

  • You hire us so we can identify what you need to stay competitive.

  • We do the “dirty work.”

  • We bring new life to your organization

  • We help you create a new opportunities and game plans

  • We can help you increase your influence over other people e.g. referrers, banks, creditors, suppliers

What lush consultancy can do for you

Carry out detailed professional analysis of your business and marketing status

Help write and personalise your marketing plans

Give you ideas to promote your business

Help you develop good strategic marketing and advertising campaigns

Share business and marketing knowledge that generate profits

Our experience in business writing, editorial services and communications will make your business more efficient and operate smoothly

Help you develop fresh creative ways to revitalise your marketing output such as personalised newspapers, magazines, newsletters, websites and other effective digital marketing strategies.

Fee Structures

We work with almost any budget… you tell us  what you want to achieve and you choose a payment strategy that is compatible with your plans.

Hourly Fees for consultancy services

  Project Rates

Fixed budget

  Retainer Basis


BDS LDS[Eng.]  FDS[Eng.]  FFD[Ire.] M.Sc[Manc.]  M.Orth[Edin.]  M.Orth[Eng.] MBA [Brunel]

Dr Peter Ilori is a business owner, dentist and specialist orthodontist, with over 25 years experience. In 2001, he was awarded the Masters in Business Administration with distinction from Brunel University. He is an early adopter who has expertise in contemporary marketing, patient information magazines, innovative public relation concepts, digital media applications, business management and consultancy. He has worked with and lectured at events sponsored by organisations such as Align Technology [Invisalign], 3M Unitek, American Orthodontics, British Orthodontic Society, British Dental Association, FMC and at various post-graduate universities in
the UK & Europe.


Your partner in improvement

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